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How do I assemble The Daily Stroller?

Attach the front wheels and seat to the frame. Then, attach the bumper bar to the seat. Easy :) 
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How do I assemble my bassinet?

First, unfold the bassinet fabric and slide the support board into the bottom layer. 
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How does the stroller fold + unfold?

Push both fold buttons and apply a downward force as thought you were laying the seat flat.
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How do I use the brake + front wheel lock?

To brake, push down on the bottom of the pedal to prop it upward. 
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How do I recline + reverse the stroller seat?

To recline, simply press the button where the canopy meets the seat back and adjust.
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How do I buckle + unbuckle the seat belt?

First, straighten out straps. Then, connect the clasp and click into the buckle. 
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How do I use the sun canopy?

For extra sun protection, unzip the hippo zipper pull and tug canopy forward.
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How do I remove the seat liner?

First, detach the five seat belt straps from the buckle. Then, undo the velcro closures.
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How do I use the storage?

The extendable storage has three settings: open, closed, and extended.
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How do I adjust the stroller seat + bassinet height?

Simply push the two buttons on the crossbar simultaneously and guide up or down.
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How do I adjust the seat belt straps?

You can adjust both the height and length of the seat belt straps to make sure your child is secure.
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Where do my organizer + phone charger go?

You’ve got a couple options here. See which works best for you. 
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What do I do when it's raining or snowing?

Time to break out the all-weather cover.
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How do I attach + detach the bumper bar?

To attach, click in one side at a time. To detach, push button directly underneath the bar. 
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