Promise – Lalo

Dear Parents

You've Got This


We believe the job of parenting should be more important
than the task of shopping for it, so we set out to create a
brand that’s genuine and trustworthy. As new dads, we
know the feeling of not knowing where to start and being
overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that’s needed for a baby.

We’re set on changing how you shop for your baby, by
creating thoughtfully designed products that simply...look
good. Being a parent can be tough, so you can rest easy
knowing that we’ll always tell it to you straight, from which
non-toxic materials we use and what products best fit your
lifestyle, to what we’re working on next.

We love being a part of your special moments—from your little
one’s first spoonful of solids to their first playdate—and promise to be there for
you every step of the way.
  You've got this, and we've got you. Greg (dad to Jace) and Michael (dad to Jemma)
Lalo Co-Founders