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Can I purchase a second cushion for The Chair?

Anything to cut back on laundry! Email and we'll help you place your order. 
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How do I remove the seat liner?

First, detach the five seat belt straps from the buckle. Then, undo the velcro closures.
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How do I use the car seat adaptors?

Simply click the car seat adaptors into the frame and attach your compatible car seat. 
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How do I use the storage?

The extendable storage has three settings: open, closed, and extended.
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How does the phone charger work?

Our removable phone charger is compatible with any phone that uses a USB or USB-C charging cable. 
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Why do I need a seat liner?

The seat liner ensures your baby is extra cozy while you’re out and about.
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Where do my organizer + phone charger go?

You’ve got a couple options here. See which works best for you. 
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What do I do when it's raining or snowing?

Time to break out the all-weather cover.
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