How do I recline + reverse the stroller seat? – Lalo
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How do I recline + reverse the stroller seat?

Reclines three ways for snacking, strolling, and sweet dreaming, and reverses in and out. 

To recline:

Simply press the button where the canopy meets the seat back and adjust to the desired angle.

To reverse: 

  1. To face your seat out, position the stroller arms straight. To face the seat in–towards the grown-up—make sure the stroller arms are bent in 90-degree angles. 
  2. To bend the stroller arms, push the circle on the inside of each arm all the way in and bend the bottom part of the arm until it reaches a 90-degree angle. One at a time, please.
  3. Flip the seat to the desired direction, slide the arms into the slots on the frame, and click it into place. 

Note: A child under 20 lbs or six months should never ride in the full upright position and your little one should never be in the seat when flipping seat positions.

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