When you're ready to take your newborn out into the world, your bassinet will be there to ensure comfort at every turn. 

  1. Attach the bassinet adaptors to the bassinet frame. 
  2. Attach your bassinet frame to the stroller (make sure you hear it *click!* into place). 
  3. Slide the support board into the bottom layer of the bassinet fabric. Make sure the feet peek through, then zip closed. Drop the bassinet fabric into the frame with the warning label closest to the handle. 
  4. Fold the fabric flaps over the frame and zip around to secure. 
  5. Place the mattress in the bottom of the bassinet. 
  6. Borrow the canopy from your stroller seat, zip it into the bassinet fabric, and snap it into the frame. 
  7. Zip on the apron.
  8. Snap on the bumper bar. 

    You can also reference the insert for visuals. Need help? Text 646-863-5225 or email lalofam@meetlalo.com